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Social Organization Partnerships

Move Forward MN:

MoveFwd works to ensure that every teen and young adult is safely housed and working towards their educational goals. MoveFwd will provide accessible, responsive counseling that helps teens and young adults find hope for improving relationships, discover housing solutions and work towards a bright future. We will be a collaborative community leader in providing safe housing for teens and young adults. 

We are proud to partner with MoveFwd MN and provide beds, food, and other necessities to young adults.

'"Andrea" called us to say that it was the first time she had slept in a bed and not on someone's couch or on the floor in 3 years. She was really emotional. Thank you for giving this to young people. They struggle with so many other things that they shouldn't have to struggle with, and now a comfortable bed to sleep in isn't one of them!’

– Sarah (MoveFwd MN)

Our employees find ease with giving back to the community. From their busy lifestyle with work, making time to help those who may not have basic living necessities puts a smile on not only the people they are helping, but their faces as well.

"By giving to others, I am honored with a feeling of gratitude and appreciation for the life that I have. It helps my young son to understand that we have so much to be grateful for in our lives. Giving to others creates a sense of purpose and an overall general feeling of happiness. Knowing that I can make a positive impact in someone's life who is going through crisis provides an overall good feeling. "

– Tammy

"Working with Move Forward MN has given me the satisfaction of helping those in need get back on their feet. This organization does great work helping teens and young adults with resources to improve their lives. I enjoy being able to contribute to the community that we serve."

– Sterling

For more information about MoveFwd MN visit their website. You can donate to their organization here.