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The springtime is the best time to put your house on the market. Not only is the weather changing and getting hotter, but so is the real estate market. Buyers are ready to settle into a new home before summer.

Preparation to sell your home takes time, but we are here to guide you in the selling process. Here are some ways to prepare your home when looking to sell: 

  1. The first step is contacting an agent that you trust. Here, at The John Schuster Group, we have multiple Listing Agents who can ensure you receive the best price for your home. 
  1. Next, as a homeowner, you have to make sure everything in your home is running smoothly. Your exterior, electrical systems, plumbing, heating, cooling, etc. should all be working properly before
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Today, I’m going to discuss seven things that new homeowners don’t know that they need to be doing.

  1. Save for unexpected problems. I know that you already did an inspection, but things are bound to happen when you buy a home. It’s just the joy of homeownership—plumbing issues, appliances breaking down, and natural disasters. Put some money away into an account so that you won’t be caught unawares.
  2. Form an inspection habit. You need to inspect your house seasonally, at least once a year. Walk around the exterior, check for peeling paint, check the grading, look underneath the plumbing, and watch for pests.
  3. Buy a lot of furnace filters. We recommend changing your filters once a month. You can order filters online from Amazon and have them
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